The new single from The Guilt

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The new video from The Guilt

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Video by Per Lundgren.
Anomalys is first single from the debut album “THE GUILT”.
Written by The Guilt. Recorded by Alain Steffler and The Guilt, mixed and mastered by Alain Steffler.

Anomalys is a song about peeling off layers. It’s about being and wanting everything, even the weirdnesses and the ugliness. Craving life to it’s full extent, without censoring. In the western “free world”, you can be and do whatever you want, as long as it fits the box, as long as you have enough power, prestige and profit. If you don’t, you’re a sickness, a deviation, an anomaly.

That’s the long explanation. The short one is- life is a mess so find someone to hold hands with. And “Anomalys” is the name of a cool punkgarage band from Holland.

Release info:
This explosive duo from Malmö, Sweden, is the death in disco and the dance in revolution. With their lazerpunk agenda they are pushing the boundaries of punkrock one high-kick at the time.

On the 5th of May 2017 The Guilt are releasing their debutalbum “The Guilt” on Heptown records. The release will be followed by touring across Europe in May and June 2017.

The Guilt is a quirky concept of dancy tunes and punk aggression all combined in a sweaty live show. It’s heavy vocals, simple beats, busted guitar hammering and most of all something that happens on stage. So how do you translate bad jokes and aggressive dancing into an album?

For making sense of this, Emma and Tobias chose Gustav Brunn(Atlas losing grip, Lawgiver) and Alain Steffler(Le Prince Harry, Experimental Tropic Blues Band), as their primary third parties. They’ve been someone to argue with but also they’ve been the fresh ears on songs written between 2012-2016. The album was mostly recorded in The Guilt’s own quarters with additional recordings and mixing by Gustav, Alain and also Joakim Lindberg (MFMB). The album was mastered by Alain Steffler.

Eyes open for the shimmering fix of discopunk that’ll bounce off the shelves from the 5th of May and do not miss the commotion when The Guilt teaches the art of screaming while dancing on stages across Europe

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New single from Babian

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”Vi Två” är första singeln från Babians kommande skiva ”Den Andra Sidan” som släpps på Hep Town Records den 26/5. ”Vi två” kastar in lyssnaren i ett on/off förhållande där tunga trumbeats och fladdrande brus utgör en dyster fond över vilken lager av brustna gitarrer och suckande saxofoner drar förbi som mörka moln.
Och till detta skall det dansas!

Babian är ett svenskspråkigt rockband med tre kritikerhyllade skivor i bagaget och mängder av spelningar på sitt samvete. Bandet har blivit omtalade som ett av Sveriges bästa liveband, nominerats till P3 guld för skivan ”fullproppad, listtoppad, livrädd och uppstoppad, spelats flitigt i såväl radio som TV och dessutom komponerat vinjettmusiken till SVT’s program ”Sommarlov”. Babian har spelat på de flesta klubbscener och festivaler i Sverige och dessutom turnerat i Norge, Finland och Tyskland samt uppträtt på Roskilde festivalen. Babians fjärde album ”Den Andra Sidan” släpps den 26/5.


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New video exclusive from The Guilt on GAFFA

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Heads up! New single and new video from the amazing The Guilt
WITCHPOWER & EELDANCING in ANOMALYS. This genius VIDEO made by Per Lundgren is now available EXCLUSIVE at GAFFA Sverige. ANOMALYS the digital single will be reachable thru the usual channels of commerce.Heads up!



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Topplock new album “Overlord” on Spotify

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Follow and listen to Topplock new album “Overlord” on Spotify.
Out on HepTown Records March 10
Swedish Hard Rock / Stoner

Babian new double album May 26

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Babians nya skiva ”Den Andra Sidan” (Heptown Records) började som en intern adventskalender som snart kom att involvera alla bandmedlemmarna i låtskrivarprocessen. Resultatet blev ett omfattande material med mörkare sound och tätare texter som manar till eftertanke i ny epok där lögner blivit till alternativ fakta och underkastelse vägen till frihet. Innan himlen faller ner vill Babian göra sin sanning hörd hos ER!

”Den Andra Sidan” släpps den 26/5 och därefter är Babian redo för konserter.
Titta på Gig för konserter nära dig!
Beställ den på Hepcat Store !

Allting som försvinner flyter sen iland- på Den Andra Sidan…

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New teaser video for The Guilts upcoming single

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On the 14th of APRIL 2017 The Guilt will release ANOMALYS, first single from their debutalbum “THE GUILT” on HepTown Records May 5.
Check the teaser for the video here on

One half of the duo, Emma Wahlgren, had this to say about the track: “‘Anomalys’ is a song about peeling off layers. It’s about being, and wanting all, accepting and craving even the weirdnesses. In the western free world, you can be and do whatever you want, as long as it fits the box, as long as you have enough power, prestige and profit.”

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