Topplock – “Boogie Till You Barf” – old school boogie hardrock/stoner

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Topplock – “Boogie Till You Barf” – old school boogie hardrock/stoner out NOW on HepTown Records
Out exclusive on Spotify Nordic

June 4 2016. Kustom Kulture Forever, Zeche Ewald, Herten, Germany
July 29 2016. Gamrocken, Ludvika, Sweden


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Dark Indie Meets Modern Pop

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The Swedish duo Råhypnos released their self-titled debut EP on Heptown Records May 20th. The 5 tracks are a combination of dark indie and modern pop.
The duo Råhypnos started in a simple home studio in 2015, consisting of one musician and one who wanted to become one. The combination was great and Råhypnos found their unique sound/their own sound. The shared interest in life stories and fasination / horror about people in general, and in groups, became a common denominator and an inspiration to many of the lyrics.
Number 4 at Stockholm College Radio play list
Week 18-19
01. Henric de la Cour – Two against one
02. High Cheru – Trippy
03. NEJ – Aldrig Mer
04. Råhypnos – Transformation

A music video for track number 3 of the EP, Still Unknown, was released february 20th, hailed be the popular swedish music blog as highlight of the week.

Release gig at Showdown, Röda Sten, Gothenburg, Swe

Saturday June 11
with Råhypnos, The Don Darlings, Orsak Oslo

”Nadja and Pablo of the duo Råhypnos have only played together since 2015, but their debut EP signals they are here to stay. It’s dark and melancholic and breaths of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and a bit of Tindersticks”.

”Nadja and Pablo who form Råhypnos are able to cast aspersion without becoming vitriolic and it is the becalming nature of the sounds which belie the context that affords them impressive presence.”
/Emerging Indie Bands

”It’s underground, it’s alternative, it’s somewhat dark and it’s innovatory. This music doesn’t fall under the typical sing alongs’ category of catchy tunes – but that is not say it’s bad. On the contrary. Dwelling in a mystic air, the songs are characterized by innovative drums and smart guitar loops.”


* The combination of Nadja and Pablos characteristic voices is a big part of Råhypnos unique sound; where indie meets modern pop.
* Few bands can deliver such a straight forward and personal sound as Råhypnos.
* The lyrics questions humanity, and without being sarcastic or judgemental, Råhypnos invite you to share their exploration.


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Råhypnos​ No 4 At Stockholm College Radio​ list

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Råhypnos No 4 At Stockholm College Radio list
“The Swedish duo Råhypnos release their debut EP on HepTown Records May 20th. The 5 tracks are a combination of dark indie and modern pop.”


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Vånna Inget Live

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Vånna Inget GER/SUI TOUR MAY 20-29
20.05.16 GER-Kiel, Schaubude
21.05.16 GER-Oerlinghausen, JZO
22.05.16 GER-Leipzig, Zoro (& Seksihullut)
23.05.16 GER-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
24.05.16 GER-Wiesbaden, Kulturpalast
25.05.16 GER-Nürnberg, Desi
26.05.16 SUI-Bern, ISC Club
27.05.16 GER-Freiburg, The Great Räng Teng Teng
28.05.16 GER-Bamberg, Proberaum
29.05.16 GER-Berlin, Cassiopeia

HepTown Records
HepCat Store
Sound Pollution Distribution
Weird World European Tourbooking


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“Let’s dance to Joy Divison and celebrate the irony”

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Front_1000The Don Darlings – Speed Of Light – new single out April 29 2016
Out on all digital channels like Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL,, Apple Music etc…

“Let’s dance to Joy Divison and celebrate the irony”

The Don Darlings opens the lid and release a first single from their forthcoming third album, to be revealed in its’ full glory this fall. The band has deepened the cooperation with producer Hans Olsson Brookes (Kleerup, Timo Räisinen) and The Don Darlings new sound has taken shape in Svenska Grammofonstudion.

A meeting between Joy Division and Nick Cave in East Berlin. Dance and gloominess. Repetetetive and cinematic. Electro and rock. Damon Collums dark, distinctive voice creates the melancholy that has become so significant for the band. As The Don Darlings now are treading new musical ground, expectations rises.
Justified expectations!

A remix of Speed Of Light by Silent Wave will be released in June.

29 Tranås, Swe – Plan B
30 Mariehamn, Åland – Dinos

23 Bremen, Germany – Meisenfrei
24 Krefeld, Germany – Kulturrampe
25 Lichtenfels, Germany – Paunch Cats
26 Freiburg, Germany – The Great Räng Tang
27 Berlin, Germany – Bassy Club
28 Hamburg, Germany – Kikuun Club

4 Tranemo, Swe – Tre Trappor Upp
11 Göteborg, Swe – Röda Sten, RELEASEPARTY
29 Hultsfred, Swe – Hotell Hulingen

3 Örebro, Swe – Live at Heart

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New The Bristles single/video released on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2016

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GENDERCIDE_6New single/video Men’s global war on women (gendercide)

International Women’s Day, 8 March 2016

Men’s war against women is global. It doesn’t matter whether it is war or peace, democracy or dictatorship: It’s an oppression of women. Most of the poor are women, most of the wealthy are men. The inequality is quite clear when what’s invested in gender equality work or for the improvement of women’s situation merely is a piss in the ocean in comparison with military spending as an example. Men’s violence against women is by far what causes the most casualties in our world.

The Bristles March 8, 2016


22 april Bristles Crude SS Rövsvett Kafe 44, Stockholm, Swe
23 april Krimtänk Bristles Crude SS Rövsvett Insikten Jönköping, Swe


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The Don Darlings Gigs

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12318517_958900217509863_283443394_oTour dates:

8 April Borås @ Klubb Undergrunden
(With Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children)

29 April Tranås @ Plan B

30 April Mariehamn Åland @ Dinos Bar & Grill

21 Maj Kristianstad @ Kulturnatten

23 Maj Bremen @  Meisenfrei

24 Maj Krefeld @ Kulturrampe

25 Maj Lichtenfels @ Paunchy Cats

26 Maj Freiburg @ The Great Räng Tang
27 Maj Berlin @ Bassy Club

28 Maj Hamburg @ Kukuun Club

4 Juni Tranemo @ Tre trappor Upp

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