Råhynos – new album out now!

Listen here or buy in our shop http://www.hepcat.se/music Or any other shop like Ginza, CDON.com or other * The long awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed 2016 self titled debut EP. * The album took more than two years to produce and the result is as very well-written and well-produced album that is both …

FINNEGAN’S HELL – new Christmas video and single

New single https://open.spotify.com/track/7K3DBstq1UsmYkVNqXoozh Europe's most exiting contemporary Celtic punk band is back with a vengeance! By releasing the unorthodox Christmas single "Paradise Town" Finnegan's Hell is redefining what Celtic punk is and should be. The band is broadening the perspective of a genre where new ideas are few and far between. In short, this is the shape of Celtic punk to come. "Paradise …

COMBAT ROCK – “Need A Riot” brand new single OUT NOW

COMBAT ROCK "Need A Riot" brand new single OUT NOW Friday 13th October Follow on FACEBOOK * Street punk with a touch of Rancid and US punk! * The singer from the Swedish famous rockabilly band Astrolites! * Second single out January 5 and album January 26 2018! FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK STREAM & DOWNLOAD http://phonofile.link/need-a-riot

THE BRAMLEYS – S/T – long before Irish-punk and Celtic-punk exists

OUT NOW In the new digital series "Back on Track" "never released before on the digital platforms" This album was released in 1993 for the first time. This was long before the terms Irish-punk and Celtic-punk with distortion guitar exists. This is straight in the vein of Pogues, Men They Couldn't Hang and Dubliners. https://open.spotify.com/album/0xWtkgdzsx3aSOmPbD1XRa

FINNEGAN’S HELL “Live at Woodstock” – New single out now

FINNEGAN'S HELL "Live at Woodstock" New single out now https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/2dvrIENRVozT17Ws0BDiTp In 2015 Celtic punk rockers Finnegan's Hell made their first appearance at Woodstock Festival in Poland - the biggest open air festival in Europe. The gig was a huge success and Finnegan's Hell was voted "best foreign band" by the audience, meaning the sharp-dressed gentlemen …