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FINNEGAN’S HELL – new Christmas video and single

November 27, 2017 Comments off

New single

Europe’s most exiting contemporary Celtic punk band is back with a vengeance! By releasing the unorthodox Christmas single “Paradise Town” Finnegan’s Hell is redefining what Celtic punk is and should be. The band is broadening the perspective of a genre where new ideas are few and far between. In short, this is the shape of Celtic punk to come.

“Paradise Town” is the first single from the coming album “Life and Death”, to be released worldwide on February 23rd, 2018. The album features 13 tracks, which span a variety of different songs ranging from ultrafast Celtic punk to folk rock inspired by reggae, Americana and Scandinavian folk music with a twist of Metallica and the Grateful Dead. The songs are musically diverse, but they share the lyrical themes of life and death, taking the listener on a rollercoaster ride from the cradle to the grave.

Since the release of the critically acclaimed album “Drunk, Sick and Blue” in 2014, Finnegan’s Hell has been touring Europe earning a reputation as one of the best live acts on the Celtic punk scene. Recording the new album “Life and Death” measures were taken to preserve the raw energy from a live performance, and the result is a record which takes no prisoners.

“Fans have been asking for a new album for many years now, but I am glad we didn’t rush back into the studio. We decided to give ourselves plenty of time to explore new ideas and develop our sound, and it really paid off. “Life and Death” finds the band at the top of its game”, says Mick Finnegan, the banjo and tin whistle player of Finnegan’s Hell.

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VET HUT – new single and video

November 22, 2017 Comments off

The Swedish punk rock band Vet Hut is about to release their third EP and this is the first single from that EP. The song is called “Döda dig” (Kill you) featuring Anna from the band Ragata on guest vocals.

All the songs that will appear on the EP will first be released as five singles with a single release every month, starting from November 2017.

Vet Hut was formed in 2013 and has since then delivered high octane punk rock since then in the Swedish traditional way both musically and lyrically.

The first EP “Översittarjävlar” was recorded in Tambourine Studios and was first released on Cassette and digitally.

2015 the next EP “Vafan!” was released also recorded in Tambourine Studios digitally, but also on a LP. There the EP “Översittarjävar” was on the A-side and “Vafan!” EP was on the B-side.

Now in 2017 the band entering the famous Tambourine Studios in Malmö for the third time and recorded the new songs. Again with with Christopher Dominique as a recording producer and Jens Andersson (The Ark) did the mixing and the mastering.

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The new video from The Guilt

April 18, 2017 Comments off

Video by Per Lundgren.
Anomalys is first single from the debut album “THE GUILT”.
Written by The Guilt. Recorded by Alain Steffler and The Guilt, mixed and mastered by Alain Steffler.

Anomalys is a song about peeling off layers. It’s about being and wanting everything, even the weirdnesses and the ugliness. Craving life to it’s full extent, without censoring. In the western “free world”, you can be and do whatever you want, as long as it fits the box, as long as you have enough power, prestige and profit. If you don’t, you’re a sickness, a deviation, an anomaly.

That’s the long explanation. The short one is- life is a mess so find someone to hold hands with. And “Anomalys” is the name of a cool punkgarage band from Holland.

Release info:
This explosive duo from Malmö, Sweden, is the death in disco and the dance in revolution. With their lazerpunk agenda they are pushing the boundaries of punkrock one high-kick at the time.

On the 5th of May 2017 The Guilt are releasing their debutalbum “The Guilt” on Heptown records. The release will be followed by touring across Europe in May and June 2017.

The Guilt is a quirky concept of dancy tunes and punk aggression all combined in a sweaty live show. It’s heavy vocals, simple beats, busted guitar hammering and most of all something that happens on stage. So how do you translate bad jokes and aggressive dancing into an album?

For making sense of this, Emma and Tobias chose Gustav Brunn(Atlas losing grip, Lawgiver) and Alain Steffler(Le Prince Harry, Experimental Tropic Blues Band), as their primary third parties. They’ve been someone to argue with but also they’ve been the fresh ears on songs written between 2012-2016. The album was mostly recorded in The Guilt’s own quarters with additional recordings and mixing by Gustav, Alain and also Joakim Lindberg (MFMB). The album was mastered by Alain Steffler.

Eyes open for the shimmering fix of discopunk that’ll bounce off the shelves from the 5th of May and do not miss the commotion when The Guilt teaches the art of screaming while dancing on stages across Europe

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New teaser video for The Guilts upcoming single

April 6, 2017 Comments off

On the 14th of APRIL 2017 The Guilt will release ANOMALYS, first single from their debutalbum “THE GUILT” on HepTown Records May 5.
Check the teaser for the video here on

One half of the duo, Emma Wahlgren, had this to say about the track: “‘Anomalys’ is a song about peeling off layers. It’s about being, and wanting all, accepting and craving even the weirdnesses. In the western free world, you can be and do whatever you want, as long as it fits the box, as long as you have enough power, prestige and profit.”

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Topplock – the debut album is out now

March 10, 2017 Comments off

New album “Overlord”
LP – Black or White vinyl
Out March 10

Swedish Hard Rock / Stoner Rock
Topplock delivers powerful and dynamic on the debut album Overlord. A heavy album with 9 strong and peculiar hard rock songs filtered through the Swedish blue tone.

To get access to the new Topplock album for reviews/interviews, register here:

Side A
1 Overlord
2 Bakfylleföreningen
3 Signals from heaven
4 Free from you

Side B
1 The battle between the twin mountains
2 Boogie till you barf
3 Noir
4 Sword of war
5 Son of a gun

Overlord Tour Part 2



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Out now MÖRK albums + New Video

December 16, 2016 Comments off

All four Mörk albums from the 80’s, re-mastered, are now out on streaming and download area for the first time. Out today Friday December 16 on HepTown Records
The mysterious, psychedelic, myth and cult creature strikes back again…
All albums was recorded in the South of Sweden in a little house in the woods.

Mörk released four albums in the 80’s.
He have a fan club in Denmark.
At a gig at the Danish National Radio and the fans asked for autographs but Mörk refused that and he just spit them in their hands.

Mörk Går På Snö ‎(LP) Wide Road Records WRR-LP1 1986
Mörk Går Igen ‎(LP) Wide Road Records WRR-LP3 1986
Ensam I Stan ‎(LP) Wide Road Records WRR-LP 4 1987
Bara Mørk ‎(LP) Wide Road Records WRR-LP 5 1988

MÖRK – Tiden Går
Sound Pollution Distribution

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Soilwork singer Björn Strid release a single with Punktus + release party

December 2, 2016 Comments off
7350010779810New single with – PUNKTUS AND BJÖRN STRID “Monster” – on red vinyl 7″
out December 2

* Vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork presents one of his best performances in his career.

* Classic, rough but melodic rock in the same spirit as Roky Erickson.

* This collaboration between metal legend Björn Strid and sloppy punkrocker punktus makes a unique sounding song that needs to be listened to.

* This catchy song will get your blood pumping whether you prefer agressive or softer rock.

* The lyrics, with references to both Bob Dylan and the movie Grease, remind us not to judge people by our preconceptions.

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