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A New Song From The Upcoming Album by Gunhild Carling

April 9, 2015 Comments off

The new album “Harlem Joy” from Gunhild Carling will be out:
In Scandinavia April 17 2015
World Wide May 8 2015

Listen to “Ascona” here, taken from the album!

2014 was the year of success for Gunhild Carling.

Tour across Sweden, “Lets dance” on national TV, a highly acclaimed appearance in Central Park in New York City for tens of thousands of people, voted for the most popular person in the south of Sweden 2014 and numerous of national television appearances.

Here’s “Bag Pipe Blues” who was such a hit in Central Park NYC, “Spring Time In St. Paul” who got a full dance floor at Terminal Five in Manhattan to melt.

“Harlem Ghost Story” which was played live at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon on Halloween, “Ascona” which became the theme song of Ascona Festival and “When Dreams Come True” performed on a harp at the TV show Allsång på Skansen.

The live recording was made during Gunhild Carling Big Bands Jazz Varieté tour in January 2014.

04/04 Nyköbing, Själland, Danmark, med Kansas City Stompers, Gunhild Solo
10/04 Litauen, Konsert med National Youth Brass band, Gunhild Solo
11/04 Litauen, Konsert med National Youth Brass band, Gunhild Solo
12/04 Konserthuset, Malmö, Big Band Battle, Gunhild Carling Big Band
30/05 Huddinge, Huddinge Jazzfestival Carling Family
31/05 Svennevads Kyrka, Pålsboda, Konsert Svennevads Kyrka, Carling Family
12/06 Udden, Kulturfabriken, Stockamöllan, Jazz & Swingfestival, Gunhild Carling Big Band
13/06 Udden, Kulturfabriken, Stockamöllan, Jazz & Swingfestival, Gunhild Carling Big Band
14/06 Udden, Kulturfabriken, Stockamöllan Jazz & Swingfestivals Barndag, Carling Family


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A New Single From Gunhild Carling

October 20, 2014 Comments off

A new Halloween single from Gunhild Carling.
A song that both music and lyric is written by Gunhild herself.

Gunhild plays here this Friday in USA
Miss Jubilee @ Prasino in St. Charles • FRIDAY Oct 24th *w/ Special Guest Gunhild Carling

Carling Family – Hot Jazz

Carling Family – Hot Jazz



Carling Family – Hot Jazz

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The Carling family is back with composers such as Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Richard Wagner plus five songs self-penned by Hans Carling.

Wether it be in a smooth, laidback way or a leg-jerking way, it’s certainly all served in the famous Carling ‘Hot Jazz’ way.


01 Lohengrin

02 The Queer Man

03 The Count Steps In

04 That’s My Home

05 Han Hade Seglat För Om Masten

06 A Room With A View

07 Royal Garden Blues

08 In My Solitude

09 Everybody Loves My Baby

10 Night And Day

11 Happy Go Lucky Local

12 Fakirens Sång

13 Dinah

14 Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Hertz

15 The Man I Love

16 Wabash Blues

17 Mera Kan Man Ej Begära

18 Saint Louis Blues

19 Whispering Breeze

20 Brook

21 Tres Moutarde

22 Tjecken

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Sweet Emma And The Mood Swingers – Turn it up!

November 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Sweet Emma And The Mood Swingers – Turn it up!

Yes, Sisters and Brothers – what you are about to hear on this album is pure and honest music with lots of joy and happiness. Just the way it should be, but seldom is.

I can assure you; Sweet Emma and her groovy Mood Swingers know exactly what they are doing. They keep the melodies in focus and the harmonies in total control, which means the chord changes are solid as a rock and the improvisations soar with creativity and personality. There is no doubt that they pour their hearts into their music. And, last but absolutely not least, they know how to swing!


1. Lillie Mae (Lewis/Bartholomew)

2. Slippin’ And Slidin’ (Penniman/Collins/Bocage/Smith)

3. So Good To Be Back (Söderberg/Thunström)

4. Chicago Boogie (Harper)

5. Mumbles Blues (Bascombe)

6. April In Arkansas (Rose)

7. Drinkin’ at 2:05 (Thunström/Berglund)

8. Wrong Lake To Catch A Fish (Willis)

9. Hoodo Hill (Söderberg/Thunström)

10. One Hit Wonder (Söderberg/Thunström)

11. Violent Love (Dixon)

12. Turn It Up (Söderberg/Thunström)

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Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings – Tunes from the Bighouse

February 24, 2008 Leave a comment

Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings – Tunes from the Bighouse

Nasty, raw swing/rhythm’n’blues with its roots in the 40’s club scene.

Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings’ second release “Tunes from the Bighouse” sets the band straight at the top of the scene.

With an outstanding rhythm section and its deep roots, this nine piece band is really showing what’s what as they deliver hit on hit. Mean, bad-ass covers such as “Sapphire” by Big Danny Oliver to Scatman Crothers version of “Ghost riders in the sky” are blended into an explosive cocktail with their on material.

Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings are reaching to the roots of music and with Lil’ Linn’s guest appearance on the duet “Knock Knock” they have already set their mark in history. This great mix of swing, rhythm & blues and rock & roll really takes us on a wild ride.

This band is packed with talent. Ubbe Rydeslätt, Nosey Joe’s frontman, unsheats his talents as great singer and skilled writer. As former member of Snakepit Rebels he spent quite some time in the well-known “Abbey Road” studio. But that’s not all, guitar player Totte, played on The Go Getters’ debut record and bassist Mika is originally from Knock-Out Greg and the Blue Weather. The band is further backed by the infamous Johnny Blue Orchestra’s awesome brass section.

However brilliant the album is, Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings should absolutely be experienced live. This band totally overwhelms its audiences with a sound from the old times remade for the scene of today.


1. Sapphire (Danny Zella)

2. Drink (U. Rydeslätt)

3. Oh Whee (Domino/Bartholomew)

4. Leave Your Blues (U. Rydeslätt)

5. Knock Knock (U. Rydeslätt)

6. Ghost Riders In The Sky (Jones)

7. 4 Girls (B. Dahlberg)

8. Much Later (Turner)

9. A Girls Advice (U. Rydeslätt/T. Brandt)

10. Jitterbug Rag (U. Rydeslätt)

11. There Was A Man (U. Rydeslätt)

12. Bongo Boogie (Glover/Nix)

13. Mexican Night (U. Rydeslätt)

via Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings – Tunes from the Bighouse | HepTown Records | Get it @ HepCat Store.

Gunhild Carling Big Band – Magic Swing!

Gunhild Carling Big Band – Magic Swing!

A great swingin’ album from Gunhild Carling Big Band feat: Jesper Thilo.

The multitalented Gunhild Carling finally got here first Big Band release on HepTown Records. It’s showing another spectra of the jazz queen on an album where you get swing music as it where made from the old stars.


1. Seventh Blues

2. Magic Swing

3. Memories (Feat. Erik Bermdalen)

4. Jungle Log

5. Hindustan

6. After You´ve Gone (Feat. Max Carling)

7. Diggerido

8. You Are My World

9. Some Day

10. Obelisk

11. Perdido

12. China Town

13. Ko Ko

14. Over The Rainbow (Feat. Jesper Thilo)

Recorded Jan 25th & Feb 28th 200g at Berwaldhallen, Stockholm.

via Gunhild Carling Big Band – Magic Swing!

Sweet Emma And The Mood Swingers – MORE!

September 26, 2006 Leave a comment

Sweet Emma And The Mood Swingers – MORE!


Sweet Emma & The Mood Swingers are not afraid off any type of music. They are blending swing, r n´b and blues and are simply playing the music that they like without getting stuck in any genre. Their aim is basicly to make people have a great night out both on the dance floor and when sippin´cocktails in the bar.

The debut album from Emma and The Mood Swingers, More contains a sweet mix between rhythm’n’blues and swing. The arrangements and interpretations of the old music are awesome. Dancers cheer at it. This is really dance music. Emma and The Mood Swingers have their own, genuine sound with the authentic retro feel with a modern side to it. Seeing the band live you get smithen by their overflowing joy on stage Emma and The Mood Swingers express. Out of the 13 cuts on More 4 are written by the band.


1. Breaking Up The House

2. I Wanna Be Like You

3. More

4. Loretta Jamboree

5. Ten, Ten A.M.

6. Walk Alone Swing

7. Hey Miss Fanny

8. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

9. Flat Foot Floogie

10. Bloodshot Eyes

11. Jump The Floor

12. The Train Kept A Rollin’

13. What Have I Done

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