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Swing Of Sahara – Balk ’n’ Roll

Swing Of Sahara – Balk ’n’ Roll

Swing of Sahara – A Caravan Ride under Distant Skies

On their new album, “Balk ’n’ Roll,” Copenhagen’s freshest ethno-non-centric combo, Swing of Sahara, serves up a sizzling smorgasbord of tasty tunes blasting from a late-night joint on the corner of the Balkans and the barrio.

“Balk ‘n’ Roll” was recorded in the dust of the road and the musk of the studio. The line between genius and madness is a fine one, to be sure – listen, as the band bends and blurs and bludgeons it to bits.

Swing of Sahara was formed in the mid-1990s when Andreas Ugorskij and Peter Dobronyi got together to play Gypsy jazz classics. As new band members have joined in, other musical styles have been absorbed, including punk, surf, Latin and Balkan, sending them bursting out of the caravanserai. Over the years, the band has played more than 200 concerts. “Balk ’n’ Roll” abundantly demonstrates their impressive musical range.

Swing of Sahara is:

Andreas Ugorskij – guitars

Peter Dobronyi – guitar, accordion and crooning

Ole Algreen Reimer – trumpet and flugelhorn

Jesper Lund – contrabass balalaika

Sigurd Djurhuus – drums, percussion and assorted trash

Track listing:

1. Viruskilla

2. El Canibal

3. Hajen

4. Tres Mujeres

5. Spanjolskij

6. Long Horn Love

7. Intermezzo

8. Slowology

9. Nothing Toulouse

10. Järvo Rock

11. Kattekillingen

12. Be My Turk

13. El Viento

Released 2006 on HepTown Records

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Various – Best Of Modern Swing

Various – Best Of Modern Swing

It’s the 21’st century and if you mention swing jazz most people only think about the greats from the 1930’s and 40’s, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman etc. They seldom consider that still today there are lots of bands recording swing music. This album is a collection of great swing jazz by bands that are playing and recording in this century. This is the album that we never found when searching for modern swing jazz. So here we bring it to you – Best of Modern Swing. The recordings are from 1997 and forward and is a small showcase of what great music you can find if you look hard enough.

1. Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five featuring Hilary Alexander – Savoy blip 2.56 156 bpm

2. Blue Room Boys – Do your duty 3.55 144 bpm

3. Jennie Löbel & Swing Kings – He ain’t got rhythm 2.52 178 bpm

4. Gunhild Carling and her swing band – They all laughed 3.35 132 bpm

5. Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra – Mildred, won’t you behave? 3.44 192 bpm

6. Lily Wilde and her Jumpin’ Jubilee Orchestra – Rip Van Winkle 3.00 134 bpm

7. Frosties Hot Four – Fly me to the moon 3.28 164 bpm

8. Andy Farber & His Swing Mavens- One for Ernie 5.19 113 bpm

9. George Gee and his Make-Believe Ballroom Orchestra – Blues for Stephanie 4.53 141 bpm

10. Blue Saracens – Baaaap baaaah 2.55 206 bpm

11. HepCat Daddies – C thru woman 3.56 125 bpm

12. Yalloppin’ Hounds – Flat foot floogie 3.59 164 bpm

13. Honeysucklerose – My melancholy baby 3.37 131 bpm

14. Charmin Michelle – Come on over to my house 4.08 115 bpm

15. Swing of Sahara – It don’t mean a thing 4.25 216 bpm

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Swing Of Sahara – Nothing Toulouse

February 1, 2004 Leave a comment

Swing Of Sahara – Nothing Toulouse

This Danish trio consisting of Andreas Ugorskij and Peter Dobronyi on guitars and Johan Segerberg on double bass plays some amazing hot gypsy jazz.

Track listing:

1. Spanjolskij

2. It May Be June

3. Caravan

4. Douce Ambience

5. Indigo Stomp

6. Nothing Toulouse

7. Dos Cervezas

8. El Pueblo Grande

9. Minor Swing

10. Second Floor

11. Misirlou

Released 2003 on HepTown Records

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