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Lady Luck Combo gigs

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Band1_LO2014-05-24 Private Party – Copenhagen
2014-05-31 Power Meet – Hässleholm
2014-06-13 Stora Torget – Ängelholm
2014-06-21 Charles Dickens – Helsingborg
2014-07-04 Ekebo – Munka Ljungby
2014-07-05 Ekebo – Munka Ljungby
2014-07-18 Harley Davidson Club Sweden (Lönsboda)
2014-07-19 Silverforsa #5 – Kävlinge
2014-07-25 Oskarshamn Sjöfartsdagarna
2014-08-08 The Tivoli, Verandan – Helsingborg
2014-08-14 YCC MC – Degeberga
2014-08-30 Private Party – Jonstorp
2014-10-25 Moonshine Party – Hyllinge Folkets hus


Buckshots – 3 Jacks High

Buckshots – 3 Jacks High



Buckshots – 3 Jacks High

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While their 2006 album TOO HOT 2 HANDLE is still racing the radio charts around the world THE BUCKSHOTS lands another great album with 3 JACKS HIGH.

3 JACKS HIGH takes off where TOO HOT 2 HANDLE left off. 14 originals of hard-edged, twangy rock ‘n’ roll. With the sound of juvenile delinquents hepped up on hormones, drenched in pomade and sporting sideburns as sharp as Tijuana switchblades THE BUCKSHOTS makes their stand. But that’s not all!

For the uninitiated, 3 JACKS HIGH serves as the perfect rockabilly primer that kicks off with MY BABY DRIVES ME CRAZY, a wild rocker that surely will make people drive off the road. And then there’s no slowing down. A FINE TUNED LOVE MACHINE lets Jerry Lee Lewis impersonator Thommy Borssén roll the keys like the mad man he is. BAD BAD BOY shows the red thread with its tongue-in-cheek lyrics and steady groove – a sure hit. And then the lovely boogie stomper HONEY BEE that would have made even Elvis jealous in his heydays. Gangsta swing meets the blues in DUANES BLUES. Don’t miss the kick ass trumpet by Ulrik Hog-lund. HAIL TO MR FORD is a true anthem to all Chevrolet owners and then we go nuts to THE JOINT IS JUMPING WILD with it’s fine mix of hard boogie and New Orleans brass. DEVILS PLAN takes on the bands favorite issue – bad women, and then we go below with DOWN TO HELL – a dark track with a twang accom-panied by the steel hands of Gunnar Frick (Ray Davies band), just to thrown you back to Sun Studios and the year 1955 in SWEET MISERY. And I CAN TOUCH THE MOON shows that Jorgens songwriting skills is wide and sends a nice cajun feeling to the track line up. Then we swing-a-boogie to TRUE LOVE, a true dance floor raver, followed by DO THE BOOGIE flavored with some the orgasmic wailing on the guitar. The album is bookended with a lovely romantic duet between Jorgen and his wife Marie called I HOPE I’LL SEE YOU SOON backed up by the sweet saxophone of Torbjorn Stenson. Once again THE BUCKSHOTS shows that they can handle a wide variety of genres and make them their own!

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Jet Black Combo – Southern Style

Jet Black Combo – Southern Style

As you may remember, some of the guys in Jet Black Combo used to really tear it up, leaving no one untouched playing together in the now legendary band 69-HARD. Jet Black Combo was formed in october 2004 out of the remains of 69-HARD after the members had continued in various projects without any succes. Back together again, the line-up was completed as A Grufstedt on horns and acoustic guitar and Marcel Stub on drums joined.

The band booked their first gig at famous Punkabilly Bash in Copenhagen before the band had ever rehearsed or even had a name. The guys did about 8 rehearsals, got themselves a record deal (without the record company even hearing a tone first) and cut thirteen songs in two days, early 2005.

The record ”Out of Control” came out in the spring of 2005 and received good press all over the world. The band still gives a ferousious, high performance live act and has allready played with many great artists such as Robert Gordon, Kings Of Nuthin, Wild Wax Combo and Buckshoots.

On ”Southern Style” the band has taken the music further. This time the cry of Jet Black Combo is filthier, sweatier and even more gritty as the band take us south to the humid marshlands of Lousianna. The album offers real county tunes, mixed rock n roll songs as well a some hard core rockabilly tunes. A warning should be issued thoguh: taking a tour into Jet Black Combo land Southern Style may leave you with no means to return.

Given a chance be sure to check this live act out.


Vocals: Kalle Metz

Guitars: Mats Jeppsson

Double bass: Christian Fridlund

Drums: Marcel Strub

Horns: Andreas Gruvstedt


1. My machine

2. King of kings

3. Wanna do what!?

4. Cool Cat Club

5. As I am

6. Born a sinner, die a saint

7. Too hot to handle

8. Sweer Thing

9. Sad Sober and Sorry

10 Cherry baby

11 Lord, keep an eye on me

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Jet Black Combo – Out Of Control

Jet Black Combo – Out Of Control


Malmö based JET BLACK COMBO deliver their first long player!!

Thirteen songs, recorded during a hard weekend, in an old country-side barn. It’s brutal, crude.and honest. This is unbending rockabilly with a punk rock edge.

JET BLACK COMBO have created a mix of partying, gals, cars, sinful encounters, messy love affairs as well as unobtainable dreams, all delivered with a convincing feeling, showing how much they really loves their music!

Clichés? You bet, but if it works, don’t fix it!

JET BLACK COMBO rose late autumn 2004 from the ashes of the band once known as 69-Hard. Well known for their outrageous acts, the band left no crowd unmoved.

Christian Fridlund and Mats Jeppsson continued after the break-up of 69-Hard to play in different bands without the sense of having found a new home. One of these bands provided them with awesome drummer Marcel Strub, well known from Malmö’s music scene. Back from a year of absence, Kalle Metz was ready for more. When Mats Jeppsson called him about his ideas for new songs, Kalle was ready to rock. Finally, along came Andreas Gruvstedt on horns and the line up was completed.

Signed by HepTown Records the band nailed the thirteen tracks in “The End Studio” in spring 2005. People, familiar to the 69-Hard style, know what they are up for: rough rockabilly although this time around with a little less punk, giving room for a more dynamic sound in the songs, spicing the mix with horns and topping it off with a touch of country music.

The record opens with “Welcome to the show”, and you are invited!

Through intoxicated drives to pain staked declarations of love we are sucked deeper and deeper for every track as in the red blooded celebration of burnt rubber and hard steel “Back to Bonneville” and the moving lighter craving duet “The only one”, featuring Sweet Mary.

This records oozes with sweat, pomade, oil and JET BLACK COMBO.


Vocals: Kalle Metz

Guitars: Mats Jeppsson

Double bass: Christian Fridlund

Drums: Marcel Strub

Horns: Andreas Gruvstedt


01 Welcome to the show

02 Fat Boy Bop

03 Sure hot mama

04 Baby, don’t you know

05 Back to Bonneville

06 Out Of Control

07 Devils train

08 Number thirteen

09 Rock the house

10 White-knuckle danger

11 The only one

12 Saturday night

13 Roll the dice

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Buckshots – Too Hot 2 Handle

Buckshots – Too Hot 2 Handle



Buckshots – Too Hot 2 Handle

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HepTown Records proudly announce the second release “Too Hot 2 Handle” from The Buckshots and welcome them to the family at your favourite label!

The former singer of the Pop Punk Legend PSYCHOTIC YOUTH founded with two well-known people of the Swedish Rockabilly scene the band THE BUCKSHOTS.

It didn’t take long before they become the very special Tip in Rock’n’Roll and Hot-Rod scene! The live gigs are pure energy and are always a wild Rock’n’Roll Party. This is ‘modern’ Rockabilly with classic influences by Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran, but also sounds much like the early Brian Setzer and his Stray Cats. Add some cool Country, Surf, Swing and for sure the pop appeal that makes Psychotic Youth so famous and you get this fantastic Retro-Band. This is not for style purists, this is something for everyone who loves cool Rock’n’Roll Music.”

The cover is done by the excellent hand of Veni Vidi Vince

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