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J.Tex & The Volunteers new album CD/LP/Spotify/iTunes

January 30, 2015 Comments off

J.Tex & The Volunteers new album Old Ways vs New Days out now.

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J.Tex & The Volunteers New Album Out January 30

January 28, 2015 Comments off

J.Tex & The Volunteers – Old Ways vs New Days

See the brand new video from the song “Ship Coming In” from the album

The final result is ten finely crafted songs, recorded together with guest musician Bebe Risenfors (who played with Tom Waits), and of course the Volunteers, Tue Lund Christensen on bass and Jason Bedard on drums.

J.Tex was born in Detroit and raised in Denmark, he feels quite at home in both in the United States, where he has many musical collaborators, and in Copenhagen, where he lives today.

He is very much part of the Southern Swedish rock’n’roll scene, where a love of music, vintage American cars, old motorcycles, vintage clothing and the shine of well greased hair is very much a way of life.

The best of USA, Denmark and Sweden come together on this, the coolest album release this winter!

press2_lo”A strange highly original, cleverly constructed and
loose take on the genre.”
– Mike Morrison

”Heptown has a truly impressive feel for roots and
rockabilly music and the know how to pick their band.
J.Tex & The Volunteers is another great Heptown act.”
– Buster Fayte

”At times it’s like Seasick Steve meets Cab Calloway, others it’s more Tom Waits meets
Maurice Chevalier. It’s certainly different, but most importantly, it’s wonderful.”
– Music People

J.Tex: Banjo, Guitar, Violin, Lead Vocal
Tue Lund Christensen: Bass, Vocal
Jason Bedard: Drums, Vocal


  1. This Old Banjo
  2. Chocolate Jesus
  3. As Wide As The Moon
  4. Treading Water
  5. This Old Blues
  6. Night Train
  7. Ship Coming In
  8. April Fools Day
  9. Clear Sky
    10. Swedish Winter

VIDEO “This Old Banjo” (the first single from the album, released Nov. 2014)



New Single/Video From J.Tex & The Volunteers

November 12, 2014 Comments off

New single “This Old Banjo” OUT NOW from the upcoming album “Old Ways vs. New Days” (out January 30 2015).



Support J.Tex & The Volunteers new album

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CDCOVERx500Raising money to fund the bands new album “Old Ways vs. New Days”!

My name is Jens Einer – a.k.a. J. Tex. I’m the singer and songwriter in my band J. Tex & The Volunteers, and also play the guitar, banjo and violin. I was born in Detroit, in the USA, but I grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been playing different instruments since I was six.

The band and I have been working on our next album, and we need your help to finish it. It’s firmly rooted in American folk music but with a twist. Taking instruments from American folk music and torn up beats, we’ll mix European and American flavors to produce a new take on a classic sound. It’s a strong, warm and friendly album for respect to friends and families. The album will be called “Old Ways – New Days”, and with your help we hope to raise enough money to get it done.

Raising money to fund the bands new album “Old Ways vs. New Days here!