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Nobelkommitten – Innan Livet Exploderar OUT NOW!!

 Nobelkommitten – Innan Livet Exploderar – HTR046 – HEPTOWN RECORDS

Nobelkommittén is the band that we all been waiting for and ”Innan livet exploderar” is the album that will change your life. 12 tracks, 12 hit singles delivered with a fresh retro sound with one foot in the 80s and one foot in the 21st century.

Pure and honest music delivered with heart and soul simply Swedish speaking Punk Rock at it’s best with something for everyone to relate to and with melodies that speaks a language that anyone can understand.

Inspired by classic bands like; Strindbergs, Ebba Grön and KSMB they still put a personal touch to their music that makes them stand out from other bands in the same genre.

Nobelkommittén consists of members from The Confession, Conshitas,

Royal Stakeout and The Parttimers.

The first single ”Dynamit” ended up with a long talk with Pelle Moeld from the show P3 Lab at the National Radio, and of course he played the song on the show.

01 Dynamit
02 Skrubbsårspanik
03 Brustet hjärta
04 Krypa
05 Lilla barn
06 I mitt huve
07 Småstadsslagsmål
08 Framtid
09 Höghuset
10 Idiot
11 Håll ryggen fri
12 Ge upp

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Duck And Cover – The Pasadena Recordings – Heptown records – HTR045 – OUT NOW

Duck And Cover recorded this album at Wally Hersoms Wallyphonic Studio in Pasadena, CA. Tracks were recorded the old fashion way – live in the studio on vintage equipment. The Pasadena Recordings was produced by Wally Hersom, Dave “Pappy” Stuckey and D&C. Wally and Dave have both been a big part of the Western Swing and Rockabilly scene in LA for the last twenty years in bands such as Dave Stuckey’s Rhythm Gang, Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys and the Lucky Stars. The record holds eleven D&C originals and three cover songs, originally made famous by Hank Williams, Wanda Jackson and Johnny Burnette.

With roots in American melting pot of black and white music from the 1940’s and 1950’s, a period where rhythm, melody and style was in focus, D&C mixes their own special cocktail: One part Country, one part Boogie, one part Rock-a-billy, one part Hawaiian, – with a dash of Swing!

Duck And Cover was formed in August 2007 and have since then performed at various venues and festivals in Denmark and Sweden. Lead-vocalist and fiddle player Krestine Havemann took over from Johanne Mortensen in early 2009 and with a stage-personality like Miss Havemann, Duck and Cover have gained new potential to persue the direction which was set in The Pasadena Recordings. This april the band can be heard around Amsterdam and at the Rock around Turnhout festival in Belgium.

1. Pick Up My Heart
2. The Way You Look At Me
3. Funnel of Love
4. You Sound So Angry
5. Lovestruck
6. One Tear Away
7. Time Has Forgot
8. Squarehead Boogie
9. I Can’t Stop Leavin’ You
10. Wall of Shame
11. Window Shopping
12. One Way Love
13. Fight or Flight
14. Lonesome Train

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Carling Family – Hot Jazz

Carling Family – Hot Jazz



Carling Family – Hot Jazz

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The Carling family is back with composers such as Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Richard Wagner plus five songs self-penned by Hans Carling.

Wether it be in a smooth, laidback way or a leg-jerking way, it’s certainly all served in the famous Carling ‘Hot Jazz’ way.


01 Lohengrin

02 The Queer Man

03 The Count Steps In

04 That’s My Home

05 Han Hade Seglat För Om Masten

06 A Room With A View

07 Royal Garden Blues

08 In My Solitude

09 Everybody Loves My Baby

10 Night And Day

11 Happy Go Lucky Local

12 Fakirens Sång

13 Dinah

14 Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Hertz

15 The Man I Love

16 Wabash Blues

17 Mera Kan Man Ej Begära

18 Saint Louis Blues

19 Whispering Breeze

20 Brook

21 Tres Moutarde

22 Tjecken

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Buckshots – 3 Jacks High

Buckshots – 3 Jacks High



Buckshots – 3 Jacks High

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While their 2006 album TOO HOT 2 HANDLE is still racing the radio charts around the world THE BUCKSHOTS lands another great album with 3 JACKS HIGH.

3 JACKS HIGH takes off where TOO HOT 2 HANDLE left off. 14 originals of hard-edged, twangy rock ‘n’ roll. With the sound of juvenile delinquents hepped up on hormones, drenched in pomade and sporting sideburns as sharp as Tijuana switchblades THE BUCKSHOTS makes their stand. But that’s not all!

For the uninitiated, 3 JACKS HIGH serves as the perfect rockabilly primer that kicks off with MY BABY DRIVES ME CRAZY, a wild rocker that surely will make people drive off the road. And then there’s no slowing down. A FINE TUNED LOVE MACHINE lets Jerry Lee Lewis impersonator Thommy Borssén roll the keys like the mad man he is. BAD BAD BOY shows the red thread with its tongue-in-cheek lyrics and steady groove – a sure hit. And then the lovely boogie stomper HONEY BEE that would have made even Elvis jealous in his heydays. Gangsta swing meets the blues in DUANES BLUES. Don’t miss the kick ass trumpet by Ulrik Hog-lund. HAIL TO MR FORD is a true anthem to all Chevrolet owners and then we go nuts to THE JOINT IS JUMPING WILD with it’s fine mix of hard boogie and New Orleans brass. DEVILS PLAN takes on the bands favorite issue – bad women, and then we go below with DOWN TO HELL – a dark track with a twang accom-panied by the steel hands of Gunnar Frick (Ray Davies band), just to thrown you back to Sun Studios and the year 1955 in SWEET MISERY. And I CAN TOUCH THE MOON shows that Jorgens songwriting skills is wide and sends a nice cajun feeling to the track line up. Then we swing-a-boogie to TRUE LOVE, a true dance floor raver, followed by DO THE BOOGIE flavored with some the orgasmic wailing on the guitar. The album is bookended with a lovely romantic duet between Jorgen and his wife Marie called I HOPE I’LL SEE YOU SOON backed up by the sweet saxophone of Torbjorn Stenson. Once again THE BUCKSHOTS shows that they can handle a wide variety of genres and make them their own!

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C.A.P.S – Strip Down & Rebuild!

C.A.P.S – Strip Down & Rebuild!



C.A.P.S. – Crusaders And Protectors Of Sin!

C.A.P.S. plays power-garage-punk-pop-noisy-rock’n’roll, containing organ and lapsteel.

Raw, cool and primitive in the most awesome way.

The Power! The Glory! The Raaawk!

Said about C.A.P.S:

”I then caught C.A.P.S. which were absolutely smoking with their catchy garage powerpop, they just keep getting better each time I see them. The harmonies were tight and Kiko’s boss organ was sexy as Nancy Sinatra’s panties & boots.”

– Jens, Lowcut Magazine, Gutter Island festival ’06.

“ You’re playing hit after hit after hit!”

– Molle, lead singer in President Fetch.

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Beatitude – …And The Bag Of Cacophony

September 9, 2007 Leave a comment

Beatitude – …And The Bag Of Cacophony



Beatitude – …And The Bag Of Cacophony

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The Beatitude is the new five-pice punk/new wave/power pop combo that shares their crazy, happy music and strong statements like early punk bands á la B52s and X-Ray Spex.

The Beatitude have in a true DIY manner toured in USA between cities, arranging their own shows in concert with local bands.

The Beatitude was introduced to danish listeners of DR P3’s program The Electric Barometer and climbed up to second place in the first week. Second week The Beatitude/Jump conquered top position.

The Beatitude are:

Lars Buck Knudsen bass/vocals

Casper Schultz drums/vocals

Jacob Olsen guitar/vocals

Ursula Sondergaard violin/vocals

Karin Jonch-Clausen vocals/vocals

Track listing:

1. Jump (On This Hierarcy)

2. Hymn To The Hen

3. La Direction De Revolution

4. Cacophony

5. Blowing My Space

6. Texaco Pepsico

7. The World Is Wrong

8. Dualism Fails

9. New Species

10. Blown Away

11. Ace Is Strange

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Astrolites – Hard Luck

Astrolites – Hard Luck



Astrolites – Hard Luck

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We at the HepTown family welcome this rockin’ trio from Sweden. No one can been missing one of the absolute hottest bands in the rockabilly/punk scen today. Yes, were talking about the Astrolites.

They call it “HI SPEED ROCKABILLY”… And this wild trio really can live up to it. On “Hard Luck” the Astrolites really put out a great mix of different influences from old be-bop, swing, rockabilly, surf and some punk. The band have created theire own unique sound.


1. Rumble In The City

2. Flyin’ Deuce

3. Dynamite

4. She’s A Knockout

5. Hotrod From Hell

6. Justine

7. Swinging Cats

8. Hard Luck

9. Nitro

10. Lets Work It Out

11. Devils Peak

12. Knocked Out

13. Prison Bound

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