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Skurkarna – A Crimewave Escapade – LP – out world wide Oct 5 2012.

Listen to this song from the new album!



Heptown Records are proud to present “A Crimewave Escapade”; twelve twangy and distorted tales about what is really happening in the dark and shady streets of Gothenburg City. The perfect album to listen to when driving late at night, with someone screaming in the back of your trunk.

Imagine Link Wray robbing a bank while hallucinating on mescaline. That is probably the closest you will ever come to describe Skurkarna. And that is probably the best way to define their unique sound, which they call “Crime-Rock”; an all instrumental and delinquent form of rock n’ roll; designed to delude the minds of law abiding citizens.

Skurkarna is an all instrumental “Crime-Rock” outfit from parts unknown. Some call them criminally insane. Others describe them as a much needed remedy for the dull and static social rules of a government controlled society.

Formed in 2009, with members of The Hollywoods, The Archers and The Pricks. ”You band are the best in world!” – an old truck driver after show in Latvia.

Rufus – Guitar
Clyde – Bass
Ralph – Drums
Clemens – Voice control

“A Crimewave Escapade” – LP / Digital, Heptown Records, 2012
“14 Miles To Crooksville” – Flexible 7″ vinyl, Backelit Records, 2011
“Skurkarna” – 7″ vinyl, Backelit Records, 2011


Side A:
1. The Stick-up – 2:19
2. The Reckless Villain – 2:53
3. Bugsy Seigels Crime Pillar – 2:55
4. High-risk Hideout – 2:59
5. Clark Syndrome – 3:38
6. The Usual Suspect – 2:43

Side B:
1. Cat Burglar – 2:56
2. Getaway Car – 3:16
3. Blow The Safe – 1:57
4. Prison Break – 2:36
5. Dishonorable Profession – 4:38
6. The Spy & the Private Eye – 4:27


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