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Trevolt – I All Hast – Heptown Records – OUT NOW

Do you enjoy Rise Against, NoFx, Bad religion, Billy talent and Alkaline Trio?And do you miss what Green Day, Millencolin, Blink 182 and Sum41 used to be?
Still listen to those great, Swedish punk acts of the nineties?
Then Trevolt:s album debut ”I all hast” definitely is for you.

Founded as recently as 2008 by three seasoned punk rockers quitting various projects lacking the heart they felt their music needed, they wasted no time- in an unprecedented fit of inspiration they quickly releases their first EP and, only months later, its follow-up.

Both were quickly picked up and are critically acclaimed.

Playing show after show across Sweden and Denmark and at numerous festival the support that built up in front of the stage and online confirmed what Trevolt already new: A lot of people had been waiting for a new band playing fast, melodic punk rock with enough originality to last and a sense for the genre that dos not make them seem synthetic.

Trevolt writes their songs based on a firm backbone of strong melodies, sung with powerful harmonies in their native tongue. Their fast-paced punk rock tunes rocks just as hard at the party as it does on stage, on the dance floor or booming over a political rally.


David Johansson – bass/vocals/backing vocals
Adam Blomgren – guitar/vocals/backing vocals (works as a cartoonist for one of Sweden’s most popular cartoon magazines, “Bamse”)
Erik Billing – Drums (well known participant of the Swedish version of ”Survivor” 2009 ).

You either love e’m or like e´m. It’s as simple as that.

01. Prolog
02. Kan Inte Se Dig
03. Mitt Sista Andetag
04. Stanna Upp
05. Söm För Söm
06. Svagheten
07. Vägvisare
08. En Ny Nyans Av Grått
09. Aldrig På En Dag
10. En Tid Med Dig
11. Hindrar Mig
12. Labyrinten
13. Pank
14. I Minsta Detalj
15. Mitt Liv
16. Evigt Spel
17. Epilog

via Trevolt – I All Hast

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Locators – Locators – Heptown Records – OUT NOW

LOCATORS self titled debut album sounds classic and new at the same time. It sounds like everything you already know, but have never heard before!

The album consists of 11 explosive but yet catchy punk rock tunes recorded at Copenhagens Black Tornado Studio by Ralph Rjeily.

01 The End Of The World
02 Razorblade
03 Home
04 Mesmerized
05 Vultures
06 Fear
07 Demons Coming My Way
08 Triggerbomb
09 High Today, Dead Tomorrrow
10 No Matter What You Do
11 The Man

via Locators – Locators | HepTown Records | Get it @ HepCat Store.

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Duck And Cover – The Pasadena Recordings – Heptown records – HTR045 – OUT NOW

Duck And Cover recorded this album at Wally Hersoms Wallyphonic Studio in Pasadena, CA. Tracks were recorded the old fashion way – live in the studio on vintage equipment. The Pasadena Recordings was produced by Wally Hersom, Dave “Pappy” Stuckey and D&C. Wally and Dave have both been a big part of the Western Swing and Rockabilly scene in LA for the last twenty years in bands such as Dave Stuckey’s Rhythm Gang, Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys and the Lucky Stars. The record holds eleven D&C originals and three cover songs, originally made famous by Hank Williams, Wanda Jackson and Johnny Burnette.

With roots in American melting pot of black and white music from the 1940’s and 1950’s, a period where rhythm, melody and style was in focus, D&C mixes their own special cocktail: One part Country, one part Boogie, one part Rock-a-billy, one part Hawaiian, – with a dash of Swing!

Duck And Cover was formed in August 2007 and have since then performed at various venues and festivals in Denmark and Sweden. Lead-vocalist and fiddle player Krestine Havemann took over from Johanne Mortensen in early 2009 and with a stage-personality like Miss Havemann, Duck and Cover have gained new potential to persue the direction which was set in The Pasadena Recordings. This april the band can be heard around Amsterdam and at the Rock around Turnhout festival in Belgium.

1. Pick Up My Heart
2. The Way You Look At Me
3. Funnel of Love
4. You Sound So Angry
5. Lovestruck
6. One Tear Away
7. Time Has Forgot
8. Squarehead Boogie
9. I Can’t Stop Leavin’ You
10. Wall of Shame
11. Window Shopping
12. One Way Love
13. Fight or Flight
14. Lonesome Train

Duck And Cover – The Pasadena Recordings | Get it @ HepCat Store.

The Men – Four Good Men And True (HTR043) – NEW CD OUT NOW!

THE MEN is a MOD outfit formed out of four already established Swedish bands; The Sinners, The Girls, Thee Expression and Colubrids. They got together a few years ago to form the ultimate live-band; explosive, stylish, tight, groovy, cool and fun (No shoegazers!) – a band the members themselves would love to see.

This is guitar-group-style with high three-part-harmony vocals – recorded live in the studio in a typical THE MEN-manner!

The Men’s third albums is produced by Christoffer Lundqvist  (Brainpool, Gessle, Roxette, Moneybrother). The result is simply breathtaking! Joyful and energetic and yet so easy for the group to recreate on stage.

Sven Köhler (from The Sinners) – vocals and harmonica
Ola Främby (from The Girls) – bass
Niklas Kilenstam (from Thee Expression) – drums
Olof Wallberg (from Colubrids, Fight Family & Varanteatern) – guitar.

01 Pack Up Youre Memories
02 Goodbye Before Too Late
03 Tonight Is Mine
04 Leaving Fairview Park
05 Time To Cry
06 Where The Good Times Go
07 You’d Better Get Back In Line
08 Reflections
09 Slow Fox
10 I’m On Your Mind
11 Love Lost
12 Four Good Men And True

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Don’t forget this 2009 releases

J. TEX – MISERY (HTR044) CD/LP – Sep. 2009

THE UNTAMED – Delicious Death – (HTR038) CD/LP – Sep. 2009

CARLING FAMILY – Hot Jazz (HTR042) CD – 2009



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