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Snutjävel – Punksvin

Snutjävel – Punksvin

Snutjävel awoke the corpse we all thought was forever buried!

Because didn’t Patrik Arve and the geezers in Teddybears STHLM promise NOT to touch the modern classic “Punkrocker” any more after the meeting and version with Iggy Pop?!

Seems it didn’t turn out that way, because now together with the trio Snutjävel (consisting of Rka Avskum, Micke Käft and Fidde Bus, from Falköping) Patrik Arve is screaming his lungs out.

This time the song is namned “Punksvin”, have swedish text and a considerably rawer sound. Arve is in just as good company as a certain slim popicon.

Chips K from Sator tortures his guitar and one can hear Micke Blomqvist from punklegends Asta Kask howling along. Everything together with a distant hammonorgan getting a good beating by Henke Bromander from skapunks The Liptones.

There will be a lot of metalbeating this summer.


1. Punksvin

via Snutjävel – Punksvin

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